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Land Lease Benefits

We live in uncertain times. Stock market fluctuations, a rise in unemployment, fallout from subprime mortgages, and higher utility costs have led to a drop in the value of land. Living in a land-lease community protects you from these issues. Our low, monthly fee includes our cost of the land, infrastructure improvements, on-site property management, organized social activities, amenities/facilities, and much more. MHPI and our land-lease communities make it possible for you to save money now.
  Benefits Quotes From Residents
• Homes are more affordable
• Homes are easier to resell because they are more affordable
• Little or no borrowing is required to maintain a comfortable lifestyle
• More funds are available for emergency situations or living expenses
• Published Rules & Regulations guide peaceful and enjoyable living for all
• Strict background checks are performed on all potential residents
• Pride of ownership in the community is encouraged
"My initial dollar investment was lower, so I have extra income to save, cover living expenses, or spend on fun stuff." 

"Why tie up money in land when other investments can supplement my monthly income."

"Having the cash now allows me to take advantage of shorter term investments.  Investing in land is long-term."

"We feel better knowing our cash is more available for emergencies."